2008 Work

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Gummy Red Mallee Burl w/Blackwood    $3295      Paela Burl w/Black Palm and Blackwood $1795 (SOLD)


Corrugata Burl w/Snakewood   $1795 (SOLD)        Paela Burl w/Blackwood    $1495 (SOLD)


Gummy Yorrel Burl w/Desert Ironwood                      Paela Burl     $995 (SOLD)

$995 (SOLD)


white Top Burl w/Desert Ironwood    $1495 (SOLD)   Maple Burl w/Desert Ironwood    $1695 (SOLD)


Rosewood Burl w/Snakewood   $2995 (SOLD)          Amboyna Burl w/Snakewood   $1595


Aspen Burl  NFS                                                        African Olive w/Rosewood Burl    $995


Rosewood Burl    $995                                                Rosewood Burl    $1495


Rosewood Burl    $1895                                             Vasticola Burl Carving   $3495


Amboyna Burl    $595 (SOLD)                                 Paela Burl    $995 (SOLD)

3-1/2 x 3-1/4


Thuya Burl w/Black Palm Finial (SOLD)                    Gummy Red Mallee Burl $895 (SOLD)


Brown Mallee Burl with Desert Ironwood                      Honduras Rosewood Burl    $495

4" x 5-1/2"    $595


Siberian Elm Burl w/Black Mulga Finial                     Thuya Burl w/DI Finial $595



White Top Burl w/Rosewood Burl Finial (SOLD)           Kingwood w/Blackwood (A gift to Friends)


Black Ash Burl (a gift to a friend)