burl display shelves

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I recently went through a period in which I was trying to test my limits (and make use of what otherwise would have been expensive scrap).  I made numerous small and miniature pieces, but had no good way to display them.  A customer made a remark to me last fall about burl shelves. I thought it might make an interesting accent to my booth, so, having a couple of interesting burls that no one was interested in buying from me, I decided to try a test project.  I cut the two burls in half to make 4 shelves.  After several months in the dehydrator, I trued the surfaces on a friend's jointer. I've displayed them in two shows in the spring of 2009 and received very positive feedback and numerous inquiries about whether I would sell them.


If you're interested in one-of-a-kind burl display shelving, please contact me at 757.816.5622 or by email at jsyvertsen@cox.net