Hollow Form Gallery

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The 2 pictures below are pieces I finished in SEP/OCT 2010.  More hollow form turnings may be viewed on the pages

2008 Work and Recent Turnings




    Manzanita Burl  w/African Blackwood, 8" W x 9" T                  Rippled Ash w/ Cocobolo, 51/2" W x 61/2"

$2195 (SOLD)                                                                                           $995 (SOLD)             

Photo by Larry Sanders                                    

    Amboyna Burl  w/African Blackwood, 7" W x 91/2" T             Afzelia Burl w/Blackwood, 31/2"W x 51/4"T

$1895                                                                                                          $695 (SOLD)       

Photo by Larry Sanders

    Black Ash Burl w/Tulipwood and African Blackwood,             Red Mallee Burl, 4" W x 61/4" T

 $2295 (SOLD)         91/2" W x 121/2" T                                                                                 A Gift to My Dad

    Red Mallee Burl  w/African Blackwood, 6" W x 8" T                Not your traditional "hollow form"

$1395 (SOLD)                                                                                           An 18" African Blackwood peppermill for my Brother-in-Law

Photo by Larry Sanders                                                                                                                              

      Jarrah Burl w/Blackwood, 111/2" W x 91/2" T                            Group Photo by Larry Sanders

$1995 (SOLD)

Photo by Larry Sanders                   

    Camphor Burl w/African Blackwood, 7" W x 9" T                    Gummy Red Mallee Burl

$1495                                                                                                                                   $495 (SOLD) 

Photo by Larry Sanders                                                  

        Maple Burl w/ African Blackwood, 71/2"  W x 93/4" T

 $1695 (SOLD)                                            

    Black Ash Burl w/Kingwood, 81/2" W x 9" T


    Siberian Elm Burl w/ African Blackwood, 41/2" W x 5 1/2" T

$795 (SOLD)

    Siberian Elm Burl w/ African Blackwood, 31/4" W x 5 1/4" T   

$695 (SOLD)

     "EYE OF THE STORM" . . . Chechen Burl w/Blackwood, 5" W x 101/4" T


Photo by Larry Sanders                   

    Cherry Burl w/ African Blackwood,  12" W x 111/2" T


    White Top Burl w/Tulipwood

$1195 (SOLD)                                                                                                  

        Briar Burl w/African Blackwood,   61/2" W x 71/2" T 

$1495 (SOLD)                                                     

    Amboyna Burl w/ African Blackwood, 5" W x 6" T

$895 (SOLD)                  

    Chechen Burl w/Blackwood

$695 (SOLD)                                                   

    Brown Mallee Burl w/Blackwood


    Blackheart Sassafras Burl, 9" W x 10" T

$1795 (SOLD)

     Red Gum Burl, 7" W x 43/4" T


    Moroccan Thuya Burl, 51/2" W x 5" T


    Russian Olive Burl

$1195 (SOLD)                                                                                                                          

    Box Elder Burl

$795 (SOLD)

    Chechen Burl w/Blackwood,  A Birt-day Gift to "The Cricket"

    Black Ash Burl,  8" W x 61/2" T

$695 (SOLD)             

    Gummy Red Mallee Burl, 43/4" W x 41/4" T

$595  (SOLD)         

    "ROLLING STONE", Paela Burl, 9" T, A Christmas Gift to My Parents                                                      


     Paela Burl, 8" T, A Christmas Gift to My Parents                                                      

    Mesquite Burl, 51/2" W x 51/2" T

$895 (SOLD)                                          

    Aspen Burl, 31/2" W x 61/4" T,

$450 (SOLD)                                                    

     Karri Burl,  A Mother's Day Gift

    Yellow Box Burl, A Gift to My Sister-in-Law and Her Family